I was born in Buenos Aires (1979) and studied visual arts in the National Institute of Arts (Instituto Nacional del Arte – IUNA. I specialized in painting and digital arts.

Since 1994 I have been working as both web and graphic designer in my own project named Rainbow Art-Design

I have been living in Rio de Janeiro.

I like to experiment with a plurality of different techniques and formats, taking advantage of the unidimensional power of each technique to generate a multiple, broad, ultrasensitive and unique art.

I believe my work presents a great visual impact produced magically by the balanced mixture of reasoning and sensibility based on the choice of always-living colors to represent my Rainbow aesthetics.

I also use this magic mixture of colors to paint wood and metal objects, images of saints obtained from all over the world, lamps, sculptures, forniture and more.

I started collecting collorful objects and paintings that I use to build my art in form of love machines.

I consider art as a testimonial of the contemporaneity and I like to point it out subtly in each research and project I develop.