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My name is Carolina and I was born in Buenos Aires (1979). My mother was an artist in her spare time and my father once started to sell clay to elementary schools. He studied law and cinema when I was a child and produced short movies. I had a very instigative childhood having my own tree in the garden while my grandma taught me how to mix different flowers to make natural paints.

When I got older, I studied Psychology in the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) for several years (1997-2002) and later I finally decided to dedicate my life to my real passion: visual arts. I studied Visual Arts in the Instituto Universitario Nacional del Arte (IUNA) for almost a decade (2002-2010). My studies in both psychology and visual arts provided me with strong tools that I use to follow deep feelings shadowed in my unconsciousness and through them in my work. My artwork is done with intensity, obsession, heart, strength, delicacy and desire.

Starting with colorful acrylic and oil paintings, my interest turned into love for points and lines to produce heart-driven illustrations. As I never searched for realism in my work, I rather produce magical, mythical drawings that dialogue with my dreams, my heart and my ideals of beauty.

Since I was pregnant, I heard the voice of the Earth calling me and decided to remember my early studies in the Fire Arts, remembering the inheritance of my parents. My heart now speaks the language of earth and the language of drawings, lines, patterns, and love.


  • 2002/2010: Visual arts (IUNA)
  • 1997/2002: Psychology (UBA)


  • 2017: The drawings of Fanteio (A3 illustrations, book)
    Pedro II Cultural Space (São Cristovã, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil)
  • 2015: Cidades Onduladas
    Art Gallery “Casalegre Art Villa” (Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil)
  • 2013: The love machines (installations and ensembles)
    Art Gallery “Rebeca Hassouk” (London, UK):
  • 2011: Festagem
    Art Gallery “Castelinho 38” (Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil)


  • Since 2017/ now: Basic principles of illustration and print composition: clay and tile stamp (Workshop, 8hs)
    • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (September / December 2017)
    • Buenos Aires, Argentina (October, 2017)
    • Belo Horizonte, Brazil (November, 2017)

Introduction to the work in ceramics and porcelain highlighting their subtle differences and providing a general notion of surface design and illustration

  • Creating ideal pictures for ceramics and porcelain
  • What is silkscreen? How to apply silkscreen on ceramics
  • What is a decal? How one can apply it?
  • Since 2016-now: Pottery Classes for Kids
    Creativity, free play, exploring the endless possibilities of clay
    Casa Monte-Alegre
  • Since 2015-now: Ceramic, illustration and creativity course (Tue-Thr-Sat, afternoons)
    Creating pottery pieces with a touch of graphic design
  • Since 2011-now: Graphic Designer IrisArco
    Creation of graphics primarily for published, printed or electronic media; typesetting, illustration, user interfaces and web design.