art classes

Format: 10 lessons 2,30 hours

Investment: R $ 600,00 in three installments of R $ 200,00
Number of students: between 6 and 10 students

Present, in an introductory way, the main elements that make up the art of illustration, painting, art installations and web design.

– The classes are suitable for people who do not have extensive knowledge of art but have interest in starting to paint, draw or produce art installations.

Lesson 1: Art and creativity

* Introduction to Rainbow – art design aesthetics
* Description of the course
* Group discution about student experiences in art
* Conceptualization: art, history, creativity

Lesson 2: Force and Psychology of Colours

* The basic colours
* Mixtures of colours
* Colours and Lights
* Colours and pigments
* Psychology of Colours
Practice 1: Multicolored Mandalas

Lesson 3: Tools for painting and illustration

* The line
* Quality of pens and brushes
* Types and quality of papers
* Painting with pigments
Practice 2a: Basic Illustration

Lesson 4: Illustration

* Creating a scene
* Strength of colours
* White Pens
* Correcting errors
* Colour on Colour
Practice 2b: Detailing your illustration

Lesson 5: Painting

* Size and quality of canvas
* Permanent markers
* Producing colour from the basic elements
* Colour equilibrium
Practice 3a: Starting your first artwork

Lesson 6: Installations

* Mixing techniques: painting, collage, composition, collection of objects
* Adding elements of unusual aesthetics
* Overall Composition
Practice 3b: Completing your first artwork

Lesson 7: Painting objects

* Oil Painting
* Paint images
* Developing lamps
Practice 4: Painting an object

Lesson 8: The Digital World

* Art and Computers
* Photography
* The basic tools of the web designer: photoshop, illustrator, in design
* Picture Editing
* Digital Art
Practice 5: Turning your works to your computer and retouching them

Lesson 9: Webdesign

* Composing an artistic web-site
* Visual information
* Information Architecture
* Web Tools: wordpress, wix, etc.
Practice 6: Developing your web-site

Lesson 10: Creating an aesthetic universe

* Aesthetic Universes
* Art Cosmology
* Art and spirituality
Practice 7: Students’ exposition and get-together party